User Information
Transforming big data generated by mobile apps into valuable information
Where app developers can share data and get insights and money back
Data Science as a Service
Our profiling and insigthing technology calculates your users interests and preferences and our SDK provides you with those insights. Adapt and personalize your app to improve your user experience.
Data Monetization
Create a new and recurring revenue stream from your users with no additional advertising. Easy SDK integration with no impact on user experience and without compromising user's private information.
Mofiler is all about transparency and that's why our SDKs are all open-source. You have access to every line of code inserted into your app, so you see exactly what data the SDK is collecting and where we send it.
Analytics + Data Science as a Services + Data Monetization
Mofiler SDK
Mofiler platform brings together app’s users data and applies Data Science to Big Data creating valuable information. Information is then available for customers on a Profile As A Service basis. Mofiler is based on a Collaborative Approach, distributing benefits among integrated developers. It becomes a collaborative data monetization platform for developers.
Mofiler SDK basics:
Integrating only requires a few lines of code
No need to request special permissions other than accessing internet and networks states
Plug and play, start receiving / posting information as soon as you integrate
Anonymized identification
Demographics and interests of users are inferred
FREE of charge for Developers
Anonymized identification
Demographics and interests of users are inferred
No personal data or demographics collected from the devices
Easy Integration
See our lists of SDK
Free of charge for developers
Developers as partners on resulting profits (Revenue Share)
Mofiler Crew
Go Team or Go Home - meet our experienced team
your data is always private, safe and secure
Our Policies
Mofiler takes your privacy seriously. Our Website Privacy Policy covers how we handle data on; and our Data Privacy Notice covers how we handle data collected through our services and partners.
Your Information
We may have access to both personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information. If your information is collected in a non-personally identifiable form, we will not re-identify it without your consent.
Data & Security
We design every feature with the safety of your data in mind. Our open-source SDKs utilize full SSL encryption for any and all communication. Any device-related data recieves one-way hashes with the MD5 hashing algorithm – the best for space and speed. Your app will never be rejected or flagged when it's carrying the SDK: Mofiler's open source technology passes the security and privacy audits of all major app stores.

Because your trust is important to us, we strive to comply with relevant regulations and self-regulatory principles, as they apply to our data practices. We require our publishers and other partners to adhere to the same standards we apply to our own practices and to provide the appropriate levels of notice and choice.

We believe your data is precious. That's why Mofiler pursues only the strictest and most rigorous certifications concerning data storage and data security.

Mofiler also provides its clients the ability to opt-out of the collection of persistent identifiers for specific end-users. If we receive notice from the client that an end-user is under 13, has opted-out of the service or opted-out of collection of personal information, Mofiler will not collect such information and proceed to delete any information in its possession regarding such user as of such notice.

With Mofiler, your data is always private, safe and secure. We have done the hard work checking the security boxes, so you can focus UX and monetization
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